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Hawaii Activities - Things To Do in Hawaii

Hawaii Activities & Tours with 300+ Best Things To Do, including helicopter flights, snorkeling, dinner cruises, inter island sightseeing, luau shows, adventure for Oahu, Maui, Kauai and Big Island. Enjoy sailing the crystalline blue ocean, romantic tropical weddings on Maui, and all the surfing, sunning, fishing, whale watching, scuba diving and snorkeling you can imagine in the warm, tropical Pacific.

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OAHU, Snorkeling & Sailing, Time : 02:04
Play <b>OAHU</b><br>Snorkeling & Sailing<br>Time : 02:04 Video
Snorkeling & Sailing
Time : 02:04
KAUAI, Smith's Traditional Luau, Time : 01:11
Play <b>KAUAI</b><br>Smith's Traditional Luau<br>Time : 01:11 Video
Smith's Traditional Luau
Time : 01:11
MAUI, Molokini Dolphin Snorkel, Time : 00:49
Play <b>MAUI</b><br>Molokini Dolphin Snorkel<br>Time : 00:49 Video
Molokini Dolphin Snorkel
Time : 00:49
BIG ISLAND, Horseback Riding, Time : 01:12
Play <b>BIG ISLAND</b><br>Horseback Riding<br>Time : 01:12 Video
Horseback Riding
Time : 01:12
BIG ISLAND, Swim with Dolphins, Time : 01:15
Play <b>BIG ISLAND</b><br>Swim with Dolphins<br>Time : 01:15 Video
Swim with Dolphins
Time : 01:15
MAUI, Trilogy Lanai Snorkel, Time : 00:38
Play <b>MAUI</b><br>Trilogy Lanai Snorkel<br>Time : 00:38 Video
Trilogy Lanai Snorkel
Time : 00:38
OAHU, Waikiki Seaplane Flight, Time : 00:56
Play <b>OAHU</b><br>Waikiki Seaplane Flight<br>Time : 00:56 Video
Waikiki Seaplane Flight
Time : 00:56
OAHU, Haunama Bay Snorkeling, Time : 01:04
Play <b>OAHU</b><br>Haunama Bay Snorkeling<br>Time : 01:04 Video
Haunama Bay Snorkeling
Time : 01:04
KAUAI, Zipline & Waterfall Swim, Time : 02:34
Play <b>KAUAI</b><br>Zipline & Waterfall Swim<br>Time : 02:34 Video
Zipline & Waterfall Swim
Time : 02:34
OAHU, Extreme Parasailing, Time : 01:15
Play <b>OAHU</b><br>Extreme Parasailing<br>Time : 01:15 Video
Extreme Parasailing
Time : 01:15

Hawaii Vacations
Island vacations are among the most memorable way to share exciting experiences with your friends and family. Get a better idea of the adventures awaiting you on your vacation by downloading free travel guides for all the islands and viewing dozens of videos of exciting vacation activities. Customer Feedbacks for activities help you choose just the right activity for your personal tastes. There are so many fun things to do here in the islands that you will want to return to this tropical paradise again and again.

Oahu Activities
Set aside ample time on Oahu to include a visit to the Polynesian Cultural Center, a 42 acre site with seven villages representing Polynesian, Hawaiian, and the Marquesan cultures. Evening attractions at the Cultural Center include authentic luau activities, complete with a roast pig, slowly steam roasted in a traditional stone-lined pit. A large cast enthralls visitors with island music and dance. Oahu activities include world famous Waikiki Beach, offering sun, surf and close proximity to a full spectrum of dining, shopping and shows.

Maui Activities
An outstanding feature on every map of Maui is Mount Haleakala. Ranging from tropical rainforest at the base to the stark vistas within the crater, this mountain is home to endangered species and rare plants as well. Visit the observatory, take a guided hiking tour or horseback ride into the crater of this dormant volcano or enjoy one of the many bicycling tours down the mountainside. The incomparable Road to Hana wends its way east along the north coast of Maui, offering panoramic views, many beautiful waterfalls and more—traveling a head spinning path with 600 hairpin turns and 56 one lane bridges.

Kauai Activities
The island of Kauai is known as the Garden Isle and offers its own unique attractions, including the only navigable river in all the Hawaiian islands. The Na Pali Coast State Park comprises the rugged west coast of Kauai is a must for a hiking tour to remote landmarks unreachable by any road. Na Pali actually means the cliffs in the native language, and these come into magnificent relief from the many boat, rafting and kayak tours that cruise this most magnificent coastline.

Big Island Activities
When you think Big Island, Volcanoes National Park and Mount Kilauea volcano instantly come to mind. Two of the world’s most active volcanoes are found here, Kilauea, which has been erupting continuously since 1983, and Mauna Loa, the world’s tallest volcano. An adventure tour will take you to the flowing lava beds, where you will see nature at work, continuously building new landscapes just as all the islands were created in the beginning. You can leave the driving to the professionals and take a one day tour to other sites on the Big Island, including Hilo Town, the Hamakua Coast, Black Sand Beach, Kailua-Kona, Waimea and more.