Sea Life Park Hawaii

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Sea Life Park Hawaii

Sea Life Park Luau is an authentic Hawaiian Luau set in a beautiful, magical place by the sea! The Sea Life Park Luau includes an amazing dolphin show, delicious all-you-can-eat Hawaiian buffet and a sensational Polynesian revue with a spectacular fire dance presented by Tihati!

While dining under the stars guests enjoy breathtaking views of Makapuu Point and its historic lighthouse, as well as Rabbit Island and the Koolau mountain range. Traditional ceremonies such as the imu presentation and the call of the conch shell transport guests to a magical world of music, food, dancing and great performances by the famous dolphins of Sea Life Park.

Dolphin Cove
is where Dolphins perform in a beautiful ocean-side lagoon, complete with its own private island. Guests sit in the large open-air theater that offers a panoramic view of the picturesque windward coastline, and are dazzled by performing dolphins. The exciting theme show includes dolphin and audience participation. 12:30pm daily

Hawaiian Reef Aquarium
offers a close-up view of Hawaii’s underwater ecosystem from top to bottom. The 300,000-gallon aquarium is home to more than 2,000 reef species and organisms, including impressive sharks, stingrays, turtles and schools of tropical fish.

Hawaiian Ocean Theater
allows viewing from above and below the surface of the water as dolphins perform in a large glass tank. The loveliest creatures of the marine life: intelligent dolphins, tender sea lions Hawaiian Ocean Theaterand funny penguins perform magical shows in an open-air aquatic theater. Guests learn about the newest training techniques and Sea Life Park’s conservation efforts through the fun and educational shows performed here. 1:45pm & 3:30pm daily

Stingray Lagoon
provides an environmentally authentic home for these shy aquatic creatures. During the Hawaiian Ray Encounter you will have the opportunity to come face-to-face with the docile, fascinating distant cousins of the fierce sharks. While you snorkel by their side in this ray encounter , you will discover their enigmatic personality and their peculiar, prehistoric anatomy. You may watch and pet them, feel their texture, and even enjoy feeding them. 8 shows daily

Kolohe Kai Sea Lion Show
is where mischievous sea lions are constantly ready to delight guests with their charming and humorous antics. The home to 11 beautiful penguins is known for its successful breeding colony. We are active participants in the American Zoological Association’s Species Survival Plan for the Humboldt Penguin, and it is a comfortable breeding site for this sea life endangered species.11:15am & 2:30pm daily

Kiss a dolphinSea Bird Sanctuary.
Since the 1960s, Sea Life Park Hawaii has been a rehabilitation center for injured and sick sea birds. Here you can watch birds that arrived at the park in sad circumstances and have been carefully and lovingly nursed back to health, as well as native Hawaiian sea birds such as the “Iwa” (Great Frigate bird).

Sea Turtle Lagoon
is a fascinating exhibit area that has another, more important purpose; it doubles as a breeding sanctuary for the endangered Hawaiian green sea turtles (honu). To date, over 2,200 hatchlings have been produced – and many have been released back to local populations, replenishing stocks and helping to solidify the species’ presence.

The Penguin Habitat
is home to 11 beautiful Humboldt Penguins, and is known for its successful breeding colony. As active participants in the American Zoological Association’s Species Survival Plan for the Humboldt Penguin, this is a comfortable breeding site for these flightless sea birds from South America, an endangered species.

Dolphin Royal Swim Program
begins with an affectionate handshake and a kiss on your cheek that prepare you for an exciting dorsal fin ride. The most breathtaking moment is during the foot push, when you feel all the strength and energy of these wonderful Sea Life Park Hawaii marine mammals as they push you high speed across the water from the bottom of your feet. 3 times daily

Swim with DolphinsDolphin Swim Adventure.
After a short orientation, guests will enjoy 30 minutes of dolphin fun. Participants on the Dolphin Swim Adventure Program will touch the dolphin and pose for a big kiss, perform various close contact behaviors and you will have a chance to view the Sea Life Park Hawaii dolphins underwater all while a trainer educates you about these amazing animals. 3 times daily

Dolphin Encounter.
Sea Life Park Hawaii designed this interactive program for children of all ages! You will learn about dolphins’ great intelligence and friendliness while having lots of fun in the natural paradise of Hawaii. Enjoy fantastic and fun-filled family activities and swim with dolphins in Hawaii! If you are traveling in a group, with small children or simply prefer to remain in shallow water, the Dolphin Encounter program is perfect for you. 4 times daily

Dolphin Aloha.
This dolphin interactive program, where participants will enjoy many of the dolphin behaviors of the water programs from a safe, dry location. A dolphin will feature a pectoral wave, dorsal and ventral swim by. He will kiss everyone and vocals. Trainer will give a brief explanation of their anatomy (mouth, blowhole, belly, tail, pectoral flippers). Daily at 2:30pm

Sea Lion ShowSea Lion Discovery.
While you swim in this sea lions program and play with these fabulous creatures, you may pet, kiss and hug them. You will have the time of your life viewing the sea lions activities in the water, watching how these nimble marine dwellers carry out their daring acrobatics and spectacular jumps. You will also have the opportunity to help their trainer give out instructions while using a special signal system. 10am & 11:30am daily

Sea Trek Adventure Program
is an underwater stroll, about 18 ft deep in the Hawaiian Reef Tank, surrounded by the magical sea life.Take a look at the eels, which are, undoubtedly, the strangest species you will find, the stingrays will captivate you with their enigmatic personality. You will have a close encounter with the enchanting sea turtles and numerous multicolor fish. 8 times daily

Opened in 1964, Sea Life Park is just 15 miles from Waikiki on Oahu’s beautiful and scenic windward shore at Makapuu Point. Perched between the majestic Koolau Mountain Range and breathtaking Makapuu Beach, Sea Life Park is one of the most popular attractions in Hawaii because of its many fun activities and exciting performances in spectacular venues.

– By Terry Reim


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